Stick It On


A disco with a BIG twist…. you and your guests all sign up to be DJs, create your wacky DJ name and then play your favourite 3 tunes from behind the decks for 15 minutes of fame. No DJ experience is needed as a technical helper will be on hand to guide you through the process. It’s great fun having all your friends, family and colleagues up behind the decks and it brings something a little different to your evening entertainment.

  • Your own personalised micro-website for guests to sign up
  • A professional DJ/host for the night
  • Premium sound and lighting equipment
  • Flat screen to display DJ name and running order
  • Professional DJ equipment
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+ 30 MINS


A party organised by Stick It On includes:
  • A professional DJ service including decks, lighting, sound system, a friendly DJ and all the music you need to have a party of a lifetime!
  • You and your guests playing your three favourite tunes, taking control of the decks and rocking the party!


When you book Stick It On:
  • You and your friends choose your three favourite tunes and DJ names, using our online registration service.
  • We organise the guest DJs, music and equipment for your party.
  • Each DJ actually plays their three tunes at the party, with the help and assistance of our professional DJ.


For local events we can usually accommodate setting up the equipment in advance to help with your event timings. This is also possible for non-local events however additional costs may be incurred.


The price includes up to 6 hours of music/DJ sets, anything much over this may incur additional costs.


The package price includes the local travel costs for the DJ. For venues further away there may be a travel supplement, please enter the town name below for an estimated travel cost:

Is your town not listed?

Please get in touch and we will calculate the travel cost for you.

Technical Information

Power Requirements: 1 x 13A power socket
Maximum Power Consumption Of Package: 2.8kW (12 Amps)
DJ Microphone Cable Length: 3m by default, up to 10m available on request.


Glowing DJ Booth Dimensions: 1.33cm wide x 0.95cm deep
Starlit DJ Booth Dimensions: 1.47cm wide x 0.73cm deep
Truss Arch Height: 2.5m or 2.8m.
Truss Arch Outer Width: 3m, 3.3m, 3.7m or 4m. (Add 0.35m each side for base plate)
Truss Base Plates: 5mm thick, 1m square.


2 x QSC K12 self-powered 12″ 1,000 Watts,
2 x Yamaha DXR15 self-powered 15″ 1,100 Watts,
2 x RCF Art735 self-powered 15″ 1,400 Watts


42 inch, truss mounted


Our guests aren’t real DJs and haven’t got a clue what they’re doing. Can we still get involved?

Of course you can! Absolutely no DJ experience is necessary as technical help is on hand to smoothly guide you and your guests through your 15 minutes of fame. Stick It On is about having fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously, giving you the chance to rock the house and let everyone else concentrate on the single one most important thing. Enjoying your event.

Do the guests have to provide their own music?

No, we’ll source and supply all the music for you and your guests.

Can guests DJ with friends or do they have to do it on their own?

It’s completely up to them! They are welcome to DJ on their own or if a bit of moral support is required then they can come up and do it pairs or even as a group.

What do you provide within your fee?

Within our price we include all the pre-organisation which includes the microsite build and hosting, plus any printing. On the actual day of the event it includes the setting up and running of the Stick It On session by one of our trained professionals. We can also provide extra services, ranging from audio and lighting equipment hire costs (i.e. PA, decks, mixer, disco and ambient lighting), visual equipment (projectors, screens, cameras), trained operators (VJs, sound and lighting engineers), staging and décor. Basically, name your requirement and we’ll offer a solution.

How many power sockets are required?
The Stick It On package requires just 1 x 13A power socket within 5 metres of the setup location.

How long does it take to setup?
It takes about 60 minutes to setup with 2 crew members, and 45 minutes to pack down, although this may take longer if the access route has long walks and flights of stairs.

Can the equipment be setup outdoors?
If the weather is guaranteed to be calm and dry throughout the hire duration then this is acceptable. Otherwise shelter is required.

Uplighting By Go-DJ @ Holmer Green Sports Club

UPLIGHTING – £10 per light

Uplights are a great way to add more colour or atmosphere to your event. They are placed on the ground around the perimeter of the room so they create a wash of colour up the walls or special features of the venue. Choose from any colour or shade you require. Create a nice entrance to your party, light up different rooms in different colours, or provide dramatic lighting to emphasise your party props and decorations.


We find that the included 2 speaker sound system rated at 2,000 Watts is usually more than sufficient for Stick It On events, delivering loud music to a busy dancefloor. Some events, however, may wish to add one or even two subwoofers to really give the system a big bass boost, perfect for those club anthems!

RADIO MICROPHONE – Budget £20, Premium £30

You are welcome to use the DJ’s microphone for making any speeches and announcements, however this is attached by a short cable so you will need to stand by the DJ booth. If you require a wireless microphone then we have 2 options: A pair of budget radio microphones for £20 (karaoke quality), or a premium Sennheiser radio microphone for £30.


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