Budget Disco


This disco option is designed for our clients who simply want to book one of our talented DJs and enjoy the pristine sound quality of our system. No DJ booth or lighting is provided to bring the cost down, allowing the client more flexibility in designing their event.

  • DJ for up to 3 hours
  • No DJ Booth (Table or Worktop Required)
  • 2 Speakers – 1,000 Watts Each
Additional Information




+ 15 MINS


Although this is listed as a budget disco we haven’t compromised on sound quality or the level of DJ talent, you can expect the very best!


For events that require a DJ set for longer than 3 hours, the additional time is charged at £40 per hour to the nearest 15 minutes.


You will be required to provide a table or suitable worktop space for the DJ. Alternatively we can provide a basic DJ booth for £20 or a stylish booth from £30.

DJs & Music

We have a number of skilled DJs on the team who come highly recommended, enabling us to put forward the most appropriate DJ based on your music preferences and type of event.



  • are in their 20’s and 30’s, an ideal mixture of youth and experience.
  • play out every weekend, either at mobile events, bars, club nights or radio.
  • have an extensive music library and are open to taking requests.
  • play the freshest tunes and also have playlists packed full of the classics.
  • are creative in their mixing and music selection.
  • are polite, accommodating and will dress appropriately for your event.
  • have a 100% track record, we’ve never let anyone down.




Chart & Pop



Techno & Tech House

Drum n Bass


Dancehall & Soca




Club Classics


Hip Hop


UK Funky

Jungle & DnB







Ska & Reggae



Power Ballads


The package price includes the local travel costs for the DJ. For venues further away there may be a travel supplement, please enter the town name below for an estimated travel cost:

Is your town not listed?

Please get in touch and we will calculate the travel cost for you.

Technical Information

Power Requirements: 1 x 13A power socket
Maximum Power Consumption Of Package: 1kW (4 Amps)
DJ Microphone Cable Length: 3m by default, up to 10m available on request. 20m available for £3 extra




2 x QSC K12 self-powered 12″ 1,000 Watts,
2 x Yamaha DXR15 self-powered 15″ 1,100 Watts,
2 x RCF Art735 self-powered 15″ 1,400 Watts



How many power sockets are required?
The Budget Disco package just requires 1 x 13A power socket within 5 metres of the setup location.


How long does it take to setup?
It takes about 20 minutes to setup, and 10 minutes to pack down, although this may take longer if the access route has long walks and flights of stairs.


Can the equipment be setup outdoors?
If the weather is guaranteed to be calm and dry throughout the hire duration then this is acceptable. Otherwise shelter is required.


What music will the DJ play?
The DJ will play music suitable for your event and can adapt the musical journey based on crowd response. We can discuss your requirements at time of booking.


Can I submit a playlist for the DJ to play?
Yes, we welcome you to submit a playlist in advance with your top 10 favourite tracks at the top. The DJ will definitely play your top 10, the rest of the list will be used as a guide only.


Does the DJ take requests on the night?
Yes, our DJs have a broad music library and are open to taking requests.


Will the DJ talk over the music all night?
No, the DJ will say hello at the start of the event, make any announcements as requested, and will sign-off at the end of the event, but that will be the extent of the DJ talking on the mic.



Uplighting By Go-DJ @ Holmer Green Sports Club

UPLIGHTING – £10 per light

Uplights are a great way to add more colour or atmosphere to your event. They are placed on the ground around the perimeter of the room so they create a wash of colour up the walls or special features of the venue. Choose from any colour or shade you require. Create a nice entrance to your party, light up different rooms in different colours, or provide dramatic lighting to emphasise your party props and decorations.

DIY House Party

GIG-BAR – £40

Add some disco lighting by having a Gig-Bar which is a 4-in-1 light effect and fills most rooms with a good light show.


The existing 2 speaker sound system rated at 2,000 Watts is more than capable of delivering loud music to a busy dancefloor, however some events (such as 18th birthdays, club nights, weddings, large spaces, etc) may wish to add one or even two subwoofers. The subwoofer smoothly boosts the low-end frequencies so you can feel the thump and rumble in your chest, this allows the existing speakers to distribute all their power resources to the mid and high frequencies for even better top-end and vocal clarity. The overall system has much improved sound quality with more power and a richer sound from the lowest to the highest notes.

RADIO MICROPHONE – Budget £20, Premium £30

You are welcome to use the DJ’s microphone for making any speeches and announcements, however this is attached by a short cable so you will need to stand by the DJ booth. If you require a wireless microphone then we have 2 options: A pair of budget radio microphones for £20 (karaoke quality), or a premium Sennheiser radio microphone for £30.


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