Double Gig-Bar


The Gig-Bar is a 4-in-1 lighting unit that produces a colour coordinated show. With a number of settings to choose from, the Gig-Bar can be set to respond to tempo of the music, or automatically cycle through a library of pre-set shows.


The 2 units are DMX linked – this means they are both synchronised to produce an awesome coordinated light show.


If you want to delve deeper into the settings you can create a cool opening scene for when guests arrive, with no flashing or movement, just a static scene gently fading though all the colours. Then when the party gets going you can switch it to sound mode and enjoy the full range of effects.


Also included is a mini smoke machine that provides a haze to bring the beams of disco lighting to life. Fully delivered, setup and ready to go!

  • 2 x Gig-Bars – Sound Activated Disco Light Units
  • Smoke Machine (Optional)
  • Setup & Free Local Delivery
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We deliver and set-up the equipment for you, give you a quick demonstration and then leave you to it.


The lights are sound activated and use very little energy, so they can be left on all night long.


We will return at the end of the party to take down and remove the equipment or for those who want to party all night then we’re happy to collect the following morning.

Full Specification
  • 2 x Chauvet Gig-Bar 2.0
  • 1 x Smoke machine
  • All associated cables are provided
  • Free local delivery, setup & collection

FREE local delivery and collection!
Other locations may be subject to an additional delivery supplement. Please enter the town name of your venue below and get an instant estimate of the total travel supplement (includes both delivery and collection):

Is your town not listed?

Please get in touch and we will calculate the travel cost for you.

Technical Information

Power Requirements: 1 x 13A power socket
Maximum Power Consumption Of Package: 1.2kW (5 Amps)


Gig-Bar Specifics:

Light Source:

2 x Pars: 6 LEDs (Quad-color RGB+UV) 3.5 W
2 x Derby: 6 LEDs (2 red, 2 green, 2 blue) 5 W
4 x Strobe: 4 LEDs (white & UV) 5 W
1 x Laser: 100 mW (red) 30 mW (green)

DMX Channels: 3, 11 or 23
DMX Connectors: 3-pin XLR

Weight: 11.6 kg
Dimensions: 1,185mm x 110mm x 387 mm (WxDxH)
Stand Height: 1.5 to 2.5 m
Tripod leg width: 1.2 m


How many power sockets are required?
The Double Gig-Bar package just requires 1 x 13A power socket within 5 metres of the setup location.


How long does it take to setup?
It takes about 10 minutes to setup and 5 minutes to pack down, although this may take longer if the access route has long walks and flights of stairs.


How far apart can the Gig-Bars be?
If you would like the gig-bars to be synchronised then the maximum distance apart is around 10m without incurring any additional setup costs. Otherwise any distance is possible.


If I hire the equipment overnight will it cost more?
No, our standard rate is based on a 24 hour hire period, with a degree of flexibility to work with your event timings.


Can I get a discount if I hire for less than 24 hours?
Unfortunately not, our standard rate covers events from 0-24 hours duration.


How long will the full tank of smoke machine fluid last?
We find most indoor events use about 1/4 of a tank. Outdoor events (or large ventilated areas) can get through a whole tank if heavily used.


I don’t need the smoke machine, can I get a discount?
Unfortunately not, the smoke machine is a free item that we include into the package to sweeten the deal.


Can I collect the equipment from you?
At present we can only offer a delivery service.


Can the equipment be setup outdoors?
If the weather is guaranteed to be calm and dry throughout the hire duration then this is acceptable. Otherwise shelter is required.

Uplighting By Go-DJ @ Holmer Green Sports Club

UPLIGHTING – £10 per light

Uplights are a great way to add more colour or atmosphere to your event. They are placed on the ground around the perimeter of the room so they create a wash of colour up the walls or special features of the venue. Choose from any colour or shade you require, create a nice entrance to your party, light up different rooms in different colours, or provide dramatic lighting to emphasise your party props and decorations.


The Rotosphere is a great light for a house party, it can stand on a table or worktop counter and instantly produces 360 degrees of rotating disco lighting. Perfect if you are looking to fill a second room with party lighting.


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