DIY Style


Designed for elegant events looking for a stylish setup. The glowing DJ booth and glowing truss podiums can be set to any colour or shade of your choice. The intelligent moving head lights produce a classy coordinated disco light show. Optional haze available for discreet atmospheric effect. Play your own music from your laptop, tablet or phone. Fully delivered, setup and ready to go!

  • Elegant Glowing DJ Booth
  • Decorative Illuminated Truss Podiums
  • Stylish Sound-Activated Lighting
  • 2 Speakers – 1,000 Watts Each
  • Mixer & Microphone
  • Setup & Free Local Delivery
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We deliver and set-up the equipment for you and provide all the necessary leads and cables for you to plug your laptop, tablet or phone into our system. (Connection is made via the mini-jack headphone port on your device).


We’ll show you how to use the equipment and then leave you to it. We’ll then return at the end of the party to take down and remove the equipment or for those who want to party all night then we’re happy to collect the following morning.


The mixer gives you control over the volume and microphone levels; it also allows you to crossfade between 2 simultaneously connected devices, so you can have some fun being a DJ!


The DJ booth has an upper tilted shelf ideal for placing laptops or additional DJ decks if required. For an additional cost we can have the front of the booth printed with your customised graphics.


The moving head spot lights are DMX linked and run an intelligent sound-activated 4 channel show. You can turn the lights off or have them set to a static mode for when guests arrive, then as the party ramps up you can set them to party mode.

Full Specification
  • Decorative glowing DJ booth in any colour
  • 2 x silver truss podiums illuminated in any colour
  • 4 x moving head spot lights DMX linked
  • 2 x 1,000W QSC K12 speakers on stands
  • 2 channel DJ mixer (Pioneer DJM250)
  • Wired microphone (Shure PG48)
  • Smoke machine or hazer
  • All cables, power points and tuition

FREE local delivery and collection!
Other locations may be subject to an additional delivery supplement. Please enter the town name of your venue below and get an instant estimate of the total travel supplement (includes both delivery and collection):

Is your town not listed?

Please get in touch and we will calculate the travel cost for you.

Technical Information

Power Requirements: 1 x 13A power socket
Maximum Power Consumption Of Package: 2.3kW (10 Amps)
Microphone Cable Length: 3m by default, up to 10m available on request. 20m available for £3 extra.


DJM250 Specifics:

2 Channel + Mic Input
RCA inputs selectable between Line & Phono
Filter effect and 3 band eq per channel


DJ Booth:

Width: 133cm
Depth: 95cm
Height: 115cm
Shelf Height: 88cm



Podium Height: 1.5m default, 1.8m or 2m available on request.
Base Plate: 5mm thick, 0.7m square or 1m square depending on stability requirements.
Top Plate: 30cm square


How many power sockets are required?
The DIY Style package just requires 1 x 13A power socket within 5 metres of the setup location.


How long does it take to setup?
The DIY Style package takes about 75 minutes to setup, and 45 minutes to pack down with 1 technician. This may take longer if the access route has long walks and flights of stairs, or will take less time if we have more technicians.


Does the system connect via Bluetooth?
No, we supply an aux cable that connects into the mini-jack headphone port on your device.


Are the truss podiums steady?
Yes, they are attached to wide base plates.


Does the package come with DJ decks?
No, but you can hire these as an additional extra. We have a selection of DJ decks available.


If I hire the equipment overnight will it cost more?
No, our standard rate is based on a 24 hour hire period, with a degree of flexibility to work with your event timings.


Can the equipment be setup outdoors?
If the weather is guaranteed to be calm and dry throughout the hire duration then this is acceptable. Otherwise shelter is required.

Uplighting By Go-DJ @ Holmer Green Sports Club

UPLIGHTING – £10 per light

Uplights are a great way to add more colour or atmosphere to your event. They are placed on the ground around the perimeter of the room so they create a wash of colour up the walls or special features of the venue. Choose from any colour or shade you require. Create a nice entrance to your party, light up different rooms in different colours, or provide dramatic lighting to emphasise your party props and decorations.


The existing 2 speaker sound system rated at 2,000 Watts is more than capable of delivering loud music to a busy dancefloor, however some events (such as 18th birthdays, club nights, weddings, large spaces, etc) may wish to add one or even two subwoofers. The subwoofer smoothly boosts the low-end frequencies so you can feel the thump and rumble in your chest, this allows the existing speakers to distribute all their power resources to the mid and high frequencies for even better top-end and vocal clarity. The overall system has much improved sound quality with more power and a richer sound from the lowest to the highest notes.

RADIO MICROPHONE – Budget £20, Premium £30

The microphone supplied with this package has a chord length of 3m, extendable to 10m on request. If you require a wire-free microphone for longer distances or for general ease then we have 2 options: A pair of budget radio microphones for £20 (karaoke quality), or a premium Sennheiser radio microphone for £30. Both options come with a receiver of course!


Designed for DJs: The DJ booth is typically set behind the main speakers which means the DJ can’t hear the detail in the music as the speakers are pointing away. By adding a monitor speaker the DJ has a dedicated reference to help them with their mixing.

DJ Decks – Start From £20

We stock a range of Pioneer and Technics DJ decks and can accommodate any DJ requirements. Vinyl, CD, MP3, USB players and effects units are available.


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